Amy Winehouse Dead

Amy Winehouse Dead. Shocking news came from the music world. One of the talented singer from the UK, Amy Winehouse, was found dead at his home in North London on Saturday (23 / 7).

Amy Winehouse death, who for several years 'war' with alcohol and drug addiction, was found by paramedics at 4:15 pm local time, after a call from a woman who asks for help. After examination, the cause of death is still referred to as 'obscure', though the police suspect that the cause is an overdose of drugs.

The singer's death only a few weeks later after Amy canceled all concerts across Europe, after one of his performance was mocked by the crowd in attendance. "Amy Winehouse decided to cancel all scheduled concerts. All parties involved will do her best to make it back, but Amy had the time during which he needs to recover," his spokesman said at the time.

Although Amy is often a problem with drugs and alcohol, but his music received a fairly rousing, with a tone of jazz, pop, and blues. Amy in the 2006 album Back To Black, menasbihkannya as one of British female singers with the biggest sales. The tour was always hard sell, though often tinged behavior is unpredictable.

In 2007 ago, Amy married Blake Fielder-Civil, but their relationship did not last wonderful and often violent. Fielder-Civil was imprisoned in 2008, and the two divorced in 2009.

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